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Companies of all sizes rely on New Fluence

We make your brand digitally visible. Growth driver and guarantee of success.


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Improve the credibility and visibility of your brand through the targeted use of authentic content creators.


What is the procedure at New Fluence?

Step 1.

Analyze potential

Tell us about your target group, the criteria for influencers and the decisive factors for a successful collaboration.

Step 2.

Influencer partnership

Influencers are acquired by New Fluence based on your criteria, while you always keep an eye on the process.

Step 3.

Ongoing optimization

Based on the results to date, the campaign is continuously optimized to achieve the maximum benefit for you.


Viral influencer campaigns

High reach & many influencers

Ideal for accompanying a product launch or boosting retail sales.

Influencer briefing

Creation of an influencer briefing to provide the influencers with the most important key facts so that nothing stands in the way of content creation.

Brand Ambassador

Brand Ambassador program.

Joint strategy development.

Together we will develop a success-oriented and sustainable brand ambassador strategy that is tailored to your needs.

Creation of your own Brand Ambassador landing page.

Our experts will create a professional landing page for you where your future Brand Ambassadors can register for your program.

Brand Ambassador acquisition & support

New Fluence searches, contacts, negotiates & ultimately manages your Brand Ambassador for you. Of course, you decide who actually participates.


Track & analyze
influencer content.

Don’t miss any more content.

Content can be retrieved and saved at any time up to one year after publication.

Identify your top influencers.

Compare profiles and identify your personal top creators.

Overview of relevant cooperation KPIs.

Track the number of content, followers, reach, impressions and more.

What our customers say

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how New Fluence scales their business.

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Why choose New Fluence?

Unleash the full potential of your brand with a holistic solution for your influencer marketing. Say goodbye to coordinating numerous influencers and implementing complex marketing strategies – New Fluence is there for you.


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Ready for uncomplicated influencer marketing? With New Fluence you always stay one step ahead.


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Do you have any questions?

Simply start by clicking on Start now to book your first online appointment. We discuss your goals and how we can strengthen your brand in the long term by working closely with influencers.

After you have booked an initial appointment with us, we will analyze your target group and define the criteria for selecting the right influencers. We then start directly with the creation of a briefing or landing page to brief the influencers or brand ambassadors in the best possible way. Once the influencers have been selected, we continuously optimize the progress of the collaboration. You will also receive access to our campaign tracking and influencer dashboard. These tools offer you the opportunity to track the progress of your influencer marketing activities in real time.

Our approach at New Fluence aims to build a long-term and successful partnership to authentically and effectively strengthen your brand.

New Fluence offers different price levels depending on your specific influencer marketing program and individual requirements. To determine your suitable plan, book an appointment now.

Influencer marketing can certainly be authentic, especially if it is implemented carefully and based on experience. One of the main advantages is the credibility that influencers enjoy within their community. This bond means that recommendations from influencers are often perceived as more trustworthy than traditional advertising messages. In addition, there is the target group-specific approach: influencers know their followers well and can present products or services in a way that corresponds to the interests and needs of their community.

Another important aspect is the opportunity for influencers to share their personal experiences with the products. This personal touch can make the advertising message appear more authentic and less commercial. In addition, the creative freedom that brands often grant influencers enables the development of unique and resonant content. Long-term partnerships between brands and influencers can strengthen this authenticity even further, as a deeper identification with the products and brands is created.

However, all of this requires experience and a good understanding of the market from both the brands and the influencers. It is crucial to choose the right partners and develop a strategy that fits both the brand and the influencer to create a credible and effective message.

Brand ambassadors are usually people who show a deep enthusiasm and fondness for a particular brand. In contrast to traditional influencers, who are often only hired for specific advertising campaigns, brand ambassadors usually work with a brand on a long-term basis. This long-term cooperation is often based on a genuine passion for the company’s products or services.

Brand Ambassadors are usually chosen because they are already fans of the brand and can authentically share this enthusiasm in their own networks. They represent the brand over a longer period of time and help to build and maintain a positive image. Their role can be diverse: from participating in marketing campaigns to sharing content on social media and attending events.

At its core, the role of a brand ambassador is about strengthening the brand through personal conviction and credibility. This distinguishes them from traditional influencers, whose collaboration with brands is often of a short-term and project-related nature. Brand Ambassadors build a lasting relationship with the brand and act as genuine, long-term representatives and advocates of the brand in the public eye.

The key difference between influencers and brand ambassadors lies in the nature of their relationship with the brand and the duration of their engagement. Influencers are often hired for specific, short-term campaigns or projects. Their collaborations are mostly project or campaign related, and their main focus is on using their reach and influence on social networks to reach a specific target group. Their involvement is generally limited to the duration of the campaign.

In contrast, brand ambassadors build a long-term, deeper relationship with the brand. They are not only active for a specific campaign, but represent the brand over a longer period of time. These people are often true fans of the brand and share their enthusiasm and conviction in a way that goes beyond simply promoting products. They are involved in brand communication, share their personal experiences and contribute to strengthening the brand image. Their tasks are more varied and often include participation in marketing campaigns, presence at events and active participation in social networks and beyond.

So while influencers are primarily valued for their ability to spread a particular message quickly and widely, brand ambassadors are long-term partners who are integrated into the brand identity and strategy and represent the brand through their overall appearance and commitment. They act as genuine, living representatives of the brand values and philosophy.

If you’re faced with the decision of whether influencers or brand ambassadors are better for your brand, the answer depends on your specific marketing goals. Do you want to quickly generate attention and reach for a campaign or a new product? Influencers could then be the right choice, as they can quickly and effectively address a large target group.

On the other hand, if you want to build a long-term bond with your target group and strengthen your brand image in the long term, brand ambassadors may be more suitable. They represent your brand in an authentic way and promote a lasting relationship with your audience.

To make the best choice for your brand, it’s important to consider your long-term goals and understand how influencers or brand ambassadors can help you achieve them. We invite you, start now and work with us to find out which strategy works best for your brand. Let’s take your brand to the next level together!

New Fluence is headquartered in Vienna, Austria, but the market in which New Fluence operates covers the entire DACH region and the Benelux countries.

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